Reclaim Movement Class is based off of Ruthy Alon's lifetime study and application of The Feldenkrais Method.  She refers to Bones for Life as the "upright evolution of Feldenkrais" (although much of the work is done on the floor).  Ruthy Alon has taken the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and applied it to the movement habits and needs of today's population.  Movement processes have been created to increase bone density and return our bodies to an upright stance.  This work provides a working laboratory for improving gait, posture, balance and coordination and is designed to help in the efforts of preventing Osteoporosis..  Ruthy Alon created the Movement Intelligence work to include Bones for Life, Walk, Chairs and  Eat for Life to help others bring about a new language of moving and being in one's body.  The movement processes help to increase one's awareness to current movement patterns and to present new options for moving.  This work is for everyone and anyone who wants to feel and move better in their bodies -from highly specialized movers such as dancers and athletes to those who are working to preserve or reclaim movements and reflexes.  For individuals who are in pain- this work is very helpful.  We tend to be repetitive in our movement patterns, always placing stress on the same area over and over.  This work helps to relocate load and pressures put on the body by learning to involve more of you in your movements. 

I will also be including self-help techniques in this class to help with releasing muscles and then stabilizing muscles.  Release work will include the use of rollers and balls and stabilizing movements are based off of Pilates and Bones For Life.  

I have listed this class as an hour long but in the past, I've taught it closer to 75 minutes-just so you know. ;)

For those less-able bodied individuals, please know there will be 6 stairs you need to climb to get into the classroom and that this work requires getting up and down from the floor quite often.  If this second part is a problem, please know that this is a learned skill and there is a way to do this and, at some point, I will teach this in the class.  

Movements are meant to small, gentle and specific but be prepared to be confused or surprised.    When you begin to teach your brain new ways of moving it can cause confusion and frustration.  Moshe Feldenkrais called it "Blessed Confusion".  There is much rest given between the steps in order for you body and mind to integrate the new information. It can also feel "silly" at times.  I will be asking you to do moves that seem so simple but yet aren't yet part of your language.  Soon you will have more vocabulary for every day or specialized movements. 

I have blankets and mats but please feel free to bring your own. .  

You can register and pay below but feel free to do this in person (check or cash preferred) as well.

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